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Delta Airlines Cabin

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A recap of some relevant travel news headlines and stories from the week of December 7 - 13, 2014.
Smorgasbord Julbord Sweden

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Bethan takes a look at five very different places to enjoy the Christmas and holiday season from all around the world, including Paris & NYC.
Bangalore Palace

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Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is more than the IT capital of India; check out this post for a local's perspective on Bangalore.
7 Euro Xmas Markets Infographic

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This handy infographic gives some interesting numbers and facts about the history and progression of the Christmas market tradition in Europe.
Kingston, Jamaica Cityscape

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An introduction of Jamaica's capital and largest city, Kingston, from a local's point of view, including popular places to see and eat.
Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

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A good introduction on what to see, try, and eat in the beautiful northern Italian city of Bologna, including popular attractions and events.
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