Five Great Touring Holidays For 2013

    Five Great Touring Holidays For 2013

    Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ad Meskens.
    Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ad Meskens.

    The aftermath of the Christmas and New Year festivities can often feel a little deflating. So, give yourself something to look forward to by booking your 2013 holiday of a lifetime.

    Booking well ahead of schedule can often be beneficial as you may only need to pay a small deposit to confirm your trip. At this time of year, when finances are often set aside for festivities, this can be a big bonus and with plenty of great rail holidays already open for 2013 bookings, all you need to do is decide where you’re going.


    Why not enjoy some sun on your face and head out to Australia for a once in a lifetime getaway aboard the Ghan? Enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer from Alice Springs to Adelaide. Marvel at spectacular scenery, vast vistas and monumental monoliths before relaxing in coastal resorts and cosmopolitan cities.


    If wintry weather is more your pleasure then head out to Canada for a cross-continental adventure. Tour Toronto, stand in awe at the fantastic Niagara Falls and experience the spectacular scenery of the Canadian Rockies on an epic journey through the snow-clad countryside.


    For the city slicker, visit more than one country by taking a train tour that encompasses four enigmatic imperial cities. High-speed, intercity train travel takes in the grandeur and glory of Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Berlin; showcasing the turbulent story behind Central Europe’s fascinating history.

    Marvel at the magnificence of each destination’s architecture and absorb the unique atmosphere of city life on a trip unlike any other.

    Sri Lanka

    Why not book an Asian adventure and experience the exoticism of Sri Lanka? Take a trip to this inspiring island and journey through the country’s cultural heritage, spectacular scenery and diverse destinations.

    Ancient royal palaces, tranquil temples tucked into the mountainside, charming coastal cities and breathtaking Buddhist monuments make Sri Lanka an astounding and delightful destination.

    From watching whales to washing elephants, opportunities to witness wildlife are abound and the picturesque plantations, verdant jungle valleys and majestic mountains make this island a real sight to behold.


    If you fancy something a little closer to home then perhaps take a tour of Italy. Get a taste for this iconic country in more ways than one by exploring everything it has to offer. From the Tuscan countryside to the remarkable historical city of Rome, get acquainted with this wonderful country’s bold contrasts with a fantastic rail journey.

    Why travel by rail?

    Touring holidays offer a great way for getting the most out of your chosen getaway. You’re able to explore the diversity of your destination rather than settle in one location. Taking a train tour enables you to experience the diversity and delight of various landscapes while still depositing you at the very heart of vibrant cities.

    On arrival, your accommodation is close to hand and all the amenities you require are within easy reach. You can enjoy guided tours of the top spots and also explore at your own leisure before moving on to the next jewel in your journey.

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