Weekly Travel News Recap: January 20 – 26, 2013

Weekly Travel News Recap: January 20 – 26, 2013

Indigo Airlines
Photo from topnews.in.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week:

  • Survey reveals travel loyalty programs losing respect – A survey from Deloitte shows that travel companies are not faring so well lately. (Deloitte [link dead; removed])
  • China continues to ascend in dominating air travel – China is quickly gaining status in air travel as the middle class expands; Beijing’s Capital International Airport is poised to take the title of the world’s busiest airport this year from Atlanta, which has held the title for more than a decade. (USA Today)
  • Boston gains nonstop service to Latin America – Copa Airlines has just announced that it will offer, as of July 2013, nonstop service to Panama City. (Boston.com)
  • Southwest will charge $40 to board early – Passengers who want priority boarding must now pay $40 for the privilege. (CNN)
  • Ukraine airline grounds flights while preparing for bankruptcyUkraine’s largest airline, AeroSvit, issued layoff warnings to its 2,500 employees while grounding planes and stranding hundreds of passengers while preparing to go to court and restructure the company. (Reuters)
  • British Airways may partner with IndiGo – A source claims that British Airways may be looking for a partnership agreement with India’s IndiGo airline. (Times of India [link dead; removed])
  • Lighting strikes plane, engine catches fire – A Turkish Airlines flight got hit with lightning, and then the engine caught on fire, and then the lights went out in the cabin. It made an emergency landing, but it was all caught on video. (Telegraph)
  • Turkey plans on becoming home to world’s largest airport – A plan to build a new airport in Istanbul is in progress, as well as making it the new world’s largest airport. (TT)
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