Weekly Photo: Funny Italian Signs

Weekly Photo: Funny Italian Signs


Bicycle sign Turin

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On my recent trip to Italy, which I’ve dubbed “The Great Northern Italy Adventure” ™, I noticed numerous road and pedestrian signs that I find funny. Take the one above, for example. This was taken in Torino (Turin), and graphically warns of what would happen if a bicyclist were to try to maneuver down this narrow street. I thought that the crossed-out circle with the bike inside would suffice, but I’m not Italian, so who am I to say?

Wrong Way sign Milan

This one to the left is a wrong way sign found on Via Santo Spirito, in Milan’s trendy fashion shopping district. An artist had creatively stenciled in a silhouette of a person to make it look as if he is lugging around a battering ram. There were more of these altered signs in the same vein, but I didn’t realize this was a trend and didn’t take photos of them soon enough. However, if you visit Milan, you probably won’t have to travel far before coming across a sign like this.

Reverse Security Cam at Milan Bank

This next one above is not a sign at all, but I couldn’t help but laugh and wonder about it. I was in a bank in Milan with my friends, taking out some cash for our day trip to Venice, when I looked up at the security television and saw this. Instead of displaying us on camera, we were watching a video of the security guard sitting at his desk! I mean, how bizarre is that? I am not adept in security at financial institutions, neither trading them or this human kind, but I’m pretty sure that this can’t be so effective, can it?

These next few are Italian road signs that I found on Wikipedia, solidifying my argument that their signs are hilarious:

End of Home Zone, but it looks more like it is warning that an ideal dream of a family and owning a new home is no longer possible.
End of Home Zone, but it looks more like it is warning that an ideal dream of a family and owning a new home is no longer possible.
Italian Road Sign - No Overtaking
No Overtaking, and I guess you learn this from school, but how am I supposed to know what this means?
Italian Road Sign - River Bank
River Bank warning sign, but I feel that if I saw this sign and passed it, I would be paranoid that a booby trap of water was imminently awaiting my vehicle.

And this last one is a sign on the door of the metro in Milan, showing a bear pinching his fingers in the door as a warning to young children. It’s so cute, though, that it seems a bit counterintuitive.

Sign on Milan Metro

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