5 Reasons To Use Business Travel Management

5 Reasons To Use Business Travel Management

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According to a recent study by Oxford Economics and the U.S. Travel Association, the majority of executives believe that corporate travel brings great return on investment, and the major ROI boosting events include trade shows, conferences, and customer meetings.

Those who think that limiting corporate travel can help save money couldn’t be more wrong. It’s quality business travel management that actually can. Here are the reasons to use corporate travel management in 2013.

1. Saving money

A reliable business travel agency can help develop and enforce a clever travel policy to prevent employees from exceeding the company’s travel budget. Besides, corporate travel management agencies have access to the best travelling and accommodation rates which sometimes include free meals, on-site Internet and other treats.

2. Making long-term investments

Oxford Economics data show that online meetings and conferences are less effective than in-person meetings with both prospective and current customers. Quality corporate travel management services allow participating in face-to-face meetings, conferences, and trade shows whenever necessary, which results in great return on investment. Executives believe that customer meetings bring 15-20 times higher returns, while conference and trade show participation results in 4-6 times higher returns on investment.

3. Increased convenience

Reputable agencies are available 24/7 so you just have to communicate your requirements and benefit from the most convenient routes, transport combinations, and accommodation options. This helps reduce the time spent on making a booking by up to 25%.

4. Stress-free travelling

Corporate travel management companies offer 24/7 backup should any difficulties occur on the go, no automated responses. Specialists take care of everything the traveller needs, from visas to car renting services to entrepreneurs. Whatever the emergency, your agency can assist through the worldwide network of business travel associates.

5. The vast choice for every taste

No matter what your preferences are, an established travel management agency can tailor a personalised trip. You can make budget control your priority, or select a number of advanced value services to meet your travel objectives. You can make any special requests including meeting rooms, conference facilities, business dinners, and transfer services.

An established travel management agency can help you benefit from trouble-free and cost-effective corporate travel in 2013.  Make your long-term investment now.

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