99 Rude and Obscene Place Names Around the World (In English)

99 Rude and Obscene Place Names Around the World (In English)



This is what happens when I run out of ideas of things to write about – 5th grade Christian comes out. Here are 99 real places around the world that would cause 5th graders and immature, English-speaking 20-somethings (like myself) to tee-hee-hee.

  1. Fucking (Tarsdorf, Austria)
  2. Shit (Mazandaran, Iran)
  3. Anus (in Yonne, France; Irian Jaya, Indonesia; Batangas, Philippines; and Laguna, Philippines) 
  4. Semen (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)
  5. Pussy (Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France
  6. Bollock (Philippines)
  7. Dikshit (India)
  8. Shag Point (Otago, New Zealand)
  9. Tong Fuk (South Lantau, Hong Kong)
  10. Chinaman’s Knob (Australia)
  11. Intercourse Islands (Australia)
  12. Vagina (Tyumenskaya oblast, Russia)
  13. Spanker Knob (Victoria, Australia)
  14. Bitche (France)
  15. Bumbang (Victoria, Australia)
  16. Tittybong (Australia)
  17. Dong Rak (Thailand)
  18. Dong (Khon Kaen, Thailand; Yunan, China; Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh, India)
  19. Rim (Nan,Thailand; Guera, Chad)
  20. Cumbum (Andhra Pradesh, India)
  21. Poo (Himachal, India; Asturias, Principado de Asturias, Spain)
  22. Tampon (Reunion, Reunion)
  23. Wankie (Zimbabwe)
  24. Dongo (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  25. Bum (Southern, Sierra Leone)
  26. Pee (Margibi, Liberia)
  27. Tit (Tamanghasset, Algeria; Adrar, Algeria)
  28. Crap (Tirane, Albania)
  29. Clit (Arad, Romania; Suceava, Romania; Salja, Romania)
  30. Wank (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; Bayern, Germany)
  31. Cunter (Switzerland)
  32. Buger (Majorca, Spain)
  33. Condom (Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées, France)
  34. Pis (Gers, Midi-Pyrénées, France)
  35. Clam (Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France; Accomack, Virginia, United States)
  36. Labia (Waremme, Liege, Belgium)
  37. Wankum (Germany)
  38. Gland (Switzerland)
  39. Cocks (Perranporth, Cornwall, United Kingdom)
  40. Brown Willy (Cornwall, United Kingdom)
  41. Fannys Cross (Devon, United Kingdom)
  42. Shitterton (Bere Regis, Dorset, United Kingdom)
  43. Wilsford cum Lake (Salisbury, United Kingdom)
  44. Cuckoo’s Knob (Wiltshire, UK)
  45. Balls Cross (West Sussex, United Kingdom)
  46. Upper & Lower Dicker (East Sussex, United Kingdom)
  47. Cockshot Road (Reigate, Surrey, United Kingdom)
  48. Cockfosters (London, United Kingdom)
  49. Lord Herefords Knob (Powys, Wales)
  50. Three Cocks (Wales, United Kingdom)
  51. Shyte Brook (Shropshire, UK)
  52. Sluts Hole Lane (Norfolk, UK)
  53. Penistone (South Yorkshire, Great Britain)
  54. Wetwang (Yorkshire, United Kingdom)
  55. Fanny Ho (Lancashire, United Kingdom) – we’re grasping here, I know.
  56. Fanny Barks (Darlington, United Kingdom)
  57. Cockermouth (Allerdale, Cumbria, United Kingdom)
  58. The Cock Of Arran (Scotland, United Kingdom)
  59. Ringrash Road (Macosquin)
  60. Effin (Limerick, Republic of Ireland)
  61. Cock Bridge (Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom)
  62. Bonar Bridge (Scotland, United Kingdom)
  63. Twatt (Orkney, Scotland, United Kingdom; Shetland, Scotland, United Kingdom)
  64. Slut (Vasterbotten, Sweden)
  65. Lake Titicaca (Puno Region, Peru)
  66. Cum (Wanderlandia, Tocantins, Brazil)
  67. Little Dix Village (West Indies)
  68. Wanks River (Nicaragua)
  69. Spread Eagle (Newfoundland, Canada)
  70. Virgin Arm (Newfoundland, Canada)
  71. Meat Cove (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  72. Reddick (Florida, USA)
  73. Climax (Georgia, United States; Michigan, USA; Polk County, Minnesota, USA; Saskatchewan, Canada; Colorado, USA)
  74. Cumming (Georgia, United States)
  75. Meat Camp (North Carolina, United States)
  76. Horneytown (North Carolina, United States)
  77. Erect (Randolph County, North Carolina, United States)
  78. Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA)
  79. Virginville (Pennsylvania, United States)
  80. Blue Ball (Pennsylvania, United States)
  81. Meatpacking District (New York City, United States)
  82. Mianus (Conneticut, United States)
  83. Felchville (MA, United States)
  84. Dick (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA; Chippewa County, Michigan, USA)
  85. Shag Islands (Newfoundland, Canada)
  86. French Lick (Indiana, United States)
  87. Knob Lick (Kentucky, USA)
  88. Beaverlick (Kentucky, United States)
  89. Crotch Lake (Ontario, Canada)
  90. Beaver Bottom (Kentucky, United States)
  91. Bald Knob (Arkansas, United States)
  92. Beaver Crossing (Nebraska, United States)
  93. Hooker (Oklahoma, USA)
  94. Wet Beaver Creek (Lake Montezuma, AZ, United States)
  95. Kunt (Pakistan)
  96. Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)
  97. Pukë (Albania)
  98. Sexmoan (Philippines, name changed to Sasmuan since 1991)
  99. Wankers Corner (Oregon, USA)
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