Celebrating New Year’s in Padova (Padua), Italy

Celebrating New Year’s in Padova (Padua), Italy


My Great Northern Italy Adventure continued a bit past my intended stay. I was scheduled to return home to New York City on the 30th of December, but then my train had an incident after I left my friends from Trieste; it turned out someone jumped onto the tracks in front of my train to commit suicide, causing me to miss one flight after another in domino fashion.

So, I had to re-book my flights. I was disgusted that I had to pay an additional $576 to Delta for changing the flight, but I got two additional nights out of it, so more time to spend with my lovely Italians, Alessandra and Paolo, and my good friend Joseph. (Forgive me if I sound insensitive.)

On the 31st, we woke up in Udine and prepared for our trip to Padua, or Padova in Italian. We would meet our friend Sara once again, a girl we had met earlier in New York City, as well as many of Allie’s friends. Alessandra’s mother and grandmother prepared some of the leftovers from a previous meal for our breakfast, and then we were off to the train station; we had spent more times on trains than in any other location while in Italy, it seems.

The trip was about an hour long, and we soon pulled up in the Stazione di Padova. The four of us met up with Sara, and then we went off to her office at Piazza Garibaldi to store our luggage for the day. Piazza Garibaldi, or Garibaldi Square, is just about the most central square in Padova. After we dropped off our things and talked for a bit, we walked about 10 minutes to her apartment for a light lunch.

Lunch at Sara's in Padova

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