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profilepic1My name is Christian Eilers (my Polish friends call me Krzysiek, my Russian-speaking friends call me Yozhik), and I love to travel. Ever since I can remember, my greatest dreams were to see someplace new. I was born in New York City, the melting pot of the world, so growing up with friends from all different cultures really inspired my love of learning about them. My public schools here were so diverse – the public school system in New York City has students that natively speak 176+ different languages. However, the single most important thing that really inspired my adventurous spirit was the International Food Day that we would have once a school year at P.S. 166 in Astoria, Queens. Every kids’ parents were supposed to prepare something from their homeland, and Queens was the perfect place to experiment with this, as nearly 50% of Queens’ residents are foreign-born. I enjoyed every dish that I tried, and as I shoved more and more treats into my mouth from more and more countries, I started adding that country to the list in my head. The list grew until I said fuck it, I am going to visit all 192 countries, or however many there were at that time.

So now that is the single most important goal in my life. To visit every country in the world, but more importantly, to experience every country in the world. I will not cross El Salvador off my list just yet, though I had a layover there en route to Colombia. I want to see life as it is lived locally, eat the local fare, and take the public transportation available, whether it be a camel or the Q train. Not a day goes by that I am not on Kayak and/or ITA Matrix searching for economical fares to the next destination.

Aside from traveling, I like to work on my various other websites and blogs. I am addicted to coffee and green tea (so, in essence, caffeine), and I love to have a good conversation. Though I was born and raised in New York City, I can always find something new to do and see here, so I am content exploring my own turf until my next adventure abroad beckons.

You can follow my personal blog at: Follow me on Twitter @christianeilers, or leave me a message.

Check out my past and future travels HERE.

As of November, 2014, I’ve written over at The Epoch Times, the English version of a large Chinese newspaper based in New York City. My articles are translated into the Russian language at Vezdebrod.

Other articles I wrote elsewhere:

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  • TripKwik – 48 Hours Trip Guide in New York City (2014-04)

Christian Eilers via other media:

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