In addition to the blogs and travel websites that we’ve been honored to be linked from, Dauntless Jaunter is proud to be mentioned in these following sites and publications:


National RV Parks – Interview with Christian Eilers of Dauntless Jaunter 2011-11
Rich Traveler – Gypsy Tales of a Filthy Rich Traveler: Christian Eilers, Dauntless Jaunter 2013-08-29
Fit When Traveling – Interview with Christian Eilers 2013-12-09
Klikk.noInterview about hand gestures, “Kroppsspråk i utlandet” (“Body Language Abroad”) 2014-04-29 (in Norwegian)


BuzzFeed Video – Obscene Gestures From Around The World 2013-05-16 (Used info from DJ article: Common Gestures In One Place, But Offensive Elsewhere) (pic)

YouTube, Eddie G POV – Not All Latinos Are Mexican, Episode 7 2014-07-25 (Referenced DJ article: Hispanic vs. Latino vs. Spanish vs. Latin American) (pic)