Mentions of DJ Elsewhere

In addition to the blogs and travel websites that we’ve been honored to be linked from and by, the Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site is proud to be mentioned in these following sites and publications:


National RV Parks – Interview with Christian Eilers of Dauntless Jaunter (link down) 2011-11
Rich Traveler – Gypsy Tales of a Filthy Rich Traveler: Christian Eilers, Dauntless Jaunter 2013-08-29
Fit When Traveling – Interview with Christian Eilers 2013-12-09
Klikk.noInterview about hand gestures, “Kroppsspråk i utlandet” (“Body Language Abroad”) 2014-04-29 (in Norwegian)


BuzzFeed Video – Obscene Gestures From Around The World 2013-05-16 (Used info from DJ article: Common Gestures In One Place, But Offensive Elsewhere) (pic)

YouTube, Eddie G POV – Not All Latinos Are Mexican, Episode 7 2014-07-25 (Referenced DJ article: Hispanic vs. Latino vs. Spanish vs. Latin American) (pic)

Thanks for sharing!

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