Mission Statement

The Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site, simply put, is all about travel. Whether it is solo or group travel, independent or tour-based, travel is important for any person. We believe that traveling to distant lands (or even an adjacent state) can only better a person. Traveling allows us to be more tolerant of other’s differences, and it allows us to broaden our understanding, admiration, and appreciation for people all around the world.

Furthermore, a traveler can bring with him or her knowledge of that far and away place from which they came to people who might not have experienced another culture, and thus inspire some broadening of the mind and appreciation for other cultures themselves.

Proper traveling brings you out of your comfort zone and forces you to at least try to eat weird foods and communicate in a foreign tongue. It can help you overcome your fears of other peoples and cultures, or if you start very young, when your mind is more easily influenced, you can probably grow up without having these fears in the first place. Ask questions that you thing may be stupid, because when sincerely asked, there are no stupid questions. Let your guard down, and allow yourself to roll with the punches that a new city may throw at you. Get lost; stumbling unexpectedly into the wrong neighborhood or street may just let you end up meeting some of the friendliest people that you could not have found any other way. Do not be naive, but allow yourself to be open to suggestion.

Our mission comes down to this: we want to constantly bring you fresh stories and advice to further inspire your love for traveling. We hope that you will visit the site often as it grows, and feel free to comment on the posts and share your stories with us.

Bon voyage!

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