Language Learning

Language Learning

50 Facts Languages Infographic

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If you've ever fancied taking up a language, here are some facts that you might want to consider; a nice infographic with dozens of numbers.

traveler words

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Here are some words and phrases that pilots, flight attendants, and other airline staff have created and use now as their own lingo and slang.

Quotation Marks

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English is one of the most complex languages, but there are still many concepts where English won't yet have a word to describe them.

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"Cheers" is one of the most useful phrases to know in another language. Learn how to say it, along with meaning and pronunciation.

quotation marks

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Some of the best quotes for learning language inspiration.

11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

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English is just about the most complex language out there, growing everyday with dozens of words. Even so, there are some concepts where English...

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I am trying to learn Hungarian. It's a difficult language, one of the hardest in the world, but I'm going to Hungary...

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I love learning new languages, though I can still only speak two with fluency, and another two with mediocrity. But lately I've been fascinated...

Hand gesture, shaking hands.

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A short list on what I think are the most important words to know in the language of the country you will travel to.