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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom, Quayside

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, often dubbed "the United Kingdom's friendliest city," has a rich and colorful history that's just begging to be discovered.

Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls is one of the wonders of the natural world, and thus a popular tourist attraction for visitors to northeastern North America.

High Line Park NYC

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Read about the history, location information, and atmosphere of High Line Park, a must-see attraction in New York City,

Georgian Bay Ontario Canada Fishing

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Niagara Falls and its vicinity are some of the most visited destinations in the US and Canada; fishing is a family-favorite pastime.

Schloss Nordkirchen

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A day trip to visit the moated castle called Schloss Nordkirchen, referred to as the "Versailles of Westphalia" and located nearby Münster.

Summer in Devon

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There’s no better place to enjoy a British summer than in Devon, in southwest England, with its villages, beaches, countryside and historical sites.

Great Malvern Town

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The town of Malvern, in Worcestershire, England, and its namesake Malvern Hills, is a lovely, quintessentially-English town to visit.

Warsaw Uprising Museum - Replica of Liberator B-24J Bomber

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Crucial in understanding the Polish people, history, & identity is to learn of the Warsaw Uprising, and the Rising Museum is the best place to do so.

Münster's Aasee

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Münster's claim to natural beauty fame rests in their lake, the Aasee, a man-made reservoir that now hosts bikers, joggers, and those out for a stroll.

Munster St. Lambert's Church, or Lambertikirche

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A guide to the Lambertikirche, or St. Lambert's Church, in Münster, Germany, with history, architectural info, and more.