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City Backpackers-Hotel Biber View from Roof

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A review of my stay at the City Backpacker-Hotel Biber in Zürich, Switzerland, with notes on location, cost, amenities, staff, and more.

Rome2Rio homepage

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A review of the online travel tool Rome2Rio, which gives users multiple transportation options to get from Point A to Point B.

Victory Hotel Room

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A review of my stay at the Victory Hotel in Stockholm's Old Town, Gamla Stan, in Sweden.

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A review of my stay at the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen, Denmark, with notes on location, cost, amenities, staff, and more.

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Along with the northern Swedish city of Umeå, Riga is proud to be chosen as the 2014 European Capital of Culture. This designation by the...

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Travelers everywhere are extra-prone to being the targets of petty crime. Pickpocketing is one of the simplest and most common of these crimes against...

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Some things in life are better in their original intended state; digital watches seem like they should  be the future, yet the beauty of analog...

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Cleverdale Guesthouse, Worthing, Barbados I'm a last-minute kind of guy. I procrastinate until the time is well within the realm of the unreasonable. This...

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Routehappy.com is a new website that aims to give those seeking to book a flight the tools necessary to discern over which flights better...

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Introduction | Booking on Site | Airfare | Notable Features | Customer Service | Rewards | Pros/Cons | Summary Introduction Drungli.com is a fairly new website (early 2012, I think) that aims to surprise the searcher and inspire travel at...