Hostel Review: Generator Hostel in Copenhagen, Denmark

A review of my stay at the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen, Denmark, with notes on location, cost, amenities, staff, and more.

Hotel Review: Primo Hotel, Riga, Latvia

Along with the northern Swedish city of Umeå, Riga is proud to be chosen as the 2014 European Capital of Culture. This designation by the...

Clever Travel Companion: Pickpocket-Resistant Travelwear

Travelers everywhere are extra-prone to being the targets of petty crime. Pick-pocketing is one of the simplest and most common of these crimes against...

USE-IT European Maps: Paper Makes a Witty Comeback

Some things in life are better in their originally-intended state; when done correctly, maps are really most ideal in their paper form.
View from Cleverdale

My Stay at Cleverdale Guesthouse, Worthing, Barbados

I'm a last-minute kind of guy. I procrastinate until the time is well within the realm of the unreasonable. This past weekend, on my...

Review: (Beta) is a new website that aims to give those seeking to book a flight the tools necessary to discern over which flights better...

Travel Booking Site Review: (BETA)

Introduction | Booking on Site | Airfare | Notable Features | Customer Service | Rewards | Pros/Cons | SummaryIntroduction is a fairly new website (early 2012, I think) that aims to surprise the searcher and inspire travel at...

Travel Booking Site Review:

Introduction | Booking on Site | Airfare | Hotels | Car | Packages | Cruise | Trains/Buses | Activities | Notable Features | Customer Service | Rewards | Pros/Cons | SummaryIntroduction is my favorite website to go to in order to establish my baseline price (ceiling). Kayak is what's called...

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