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Lithuanian Coins

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Sadness at the loss of the Latvian lat currency and its switch to the euro; however, is that mournfulness misguided and selfish?

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Terminal D

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I unwittingly and literally crossed a line, and then was chased by an airport security agent while staying the night at Dallas International (DFW). Website Glitch

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Widerøe, a Norwegian airline, had a glitch on their website which allowed customers to buy return fares to Europe for as little as $150.

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The Tallink Ferry from Riga, Latvia, to Stockholm, Sweden, is a great travel option rather than the ubiquitous budget flight.

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Most photos (probably the good ones) taken by Joseph Chakola.  11-Oct-2013 to 20-Oct-2013 My latest adventure took me to Northern Europe, specifically the countries of Latvia,...

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I booked my Latvia trip via the Russian airline, Aeroflot, hence the Russian receipt/itinerary. I'm stoked about my next trip, which will happen in...

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Starry night sky in Palma de Mallorca. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Andrés Nieto Porras. *Click on image for full-sized view. Majorca, or Mallorca in Spanish...

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  For some stews, it has been their childhood dream and they have dozens of childhood photos with a flight attendant uniform, pretending to serve...

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Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, and historical capital of Bohemia proper, was founded circa 885 AD. Overall, the city...

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I wake up in the morning, with absolutely no idea where I am. To be more specific, without any idea whether I am in...