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Classic Literature Travel Guide Infographic

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From Jack Kerouac to William Shakespeare, this graphic offers a nice armchair view of destinations that have shaped our literary history.

Customs Australia Infographic Featured

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It is a good idea to figure out what can legally be brought into the country of Australia, lest you throw some goods out at Customs.

Europe Atlas of Prejudice Infographic

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A map of stereotypes and generalizations of Europe, which is meant to be lighthearted and humorous.

Around the World in 31 Coffees

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This infographic shows 31 different coffee recipes that are popular in more than 20 different countries, along with facts and recipes.

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Infographic depicting the kinds of hand gestures that you might want to refrain from using when traveling abroad.

From airport to city infographic

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This infographic details the costs to get from a major airport to a popular area in the city for cities in every continent all over the world.

Tastes of Mainland SE Asia Infographic

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Southeast Asia is full of intensely satisfying cuisines, and this infographic lists some of the favorites.

Going to Extremes Infographic

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From extreme temperatures to record-setting manmade structures, here are some destinations that take things to the next level - in their own way.

50 Facts About Spain Infographic

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An infographic detailing fifty little-known and unbelievable facts and figures about the country of Spain.

Reasons to Volunteer Abroad Infographic

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Here's a neat infographic by A Broader View Volunteers on ten reasons to go abroad and volunteer.