Love Valley Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

5 Unique And Fun Ways To Get Around From All Over The World

Here is a list of just five ways of ‘getting around’ transportation options that just have to be experienced!
Knee Defender

Do I Have the Right to Use a Knee Defender on a Flight?

It might be legal, and it might not be denied by flight authorities, but is it a passenger's right to be able to prevent a seat from reclining?

Use Your Phone’s GPS While Abroad Without Using Data

A simple trick to use Google Maps on your smartphone without incurring data charges by caching maps for offline use (Android & iPhone).
Noah's Ark

Don’t Be An Asshole: Proper Plane-Boarding & Exiting Etiquette

There's limited time for passengers to board a plane, so there are some common and courteous protocols that need to be followed to ensure a timely takeoff.
Street Market, Stockholm

How to Keep Your Stomach Happy While Traveling Abroad

When traveling, we may disregard our eating inhibitions and rules temporarily; however, it is prudent to keep some considerations in mind.
Leaving Jamaica

A Plea to Every Traveler: Remember, You Are An Ambassador

You are an ambassador for the country of your passport, your city, your religious, political, and ideological views, for your friends and family, whether you like it or not.
German Bombers over London WWII

Scared to Travel? Let Gladwell & WWII Londoners Allay Those Fears

A lesson in conquering fear by the brave Londoners under attack by German bombers during World War II via Malcolm Gladwell's David and Goliath.

The Global Guide To Hand Gestures (Infographic)

Infographic depicting the kinds of hand gestures that you might want to refrain from using when traveling abroad.

How to Say “Cheers” In Every Language (Well, a lot of them)

"Cheers" is one of the most useful phrases to know in another language. Learn how to say it, along with meaning and pronunciation.

Competitive Traveling: Quantity vs. Quality

I've heard about this sport termed, by some, "competitive traveling," some time ago, but I was reminded of it the other day while reading...

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