Weekly Photo/Video

Weekly Photo/Video

Malbork Castle Poland

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Malbork, Poland is home to an impressive, brick castle, which is actually the largest castle in the world by surface area.

Pantheon Paris

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The Panthéon in France's capital is an ornate a structure as one can behold, though the interior is much more intricate.

Trieste at Night

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The northeastern Italian city of Trieste looks great any time; here are photos of Trieste looking great at night.

Torino Italy at Night

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Torino (Turin), Italy is a gorgeous, venerable city, but a good, foggy night might just help to cast it in a more beautiful light.

Blagoveshchensky Bridge

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This week's photo is of the Blagoveshchensky Bridge, which spans the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia and hosts several scenes from Crime and Punishment.

Vecriga, Riga, Latvia

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This week's photos are from a weekend stroll through Vecrīga, the old town of Riga, Latvia.

Notre Dame de Paris Portals Western Facade

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This week's photos are of the famous western facade and the portals and statues of the renowned Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral.

Notre Dame de Paris Southern Facade

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This week's photos are of the world-renowned Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, a perfect example of French Gothic architecture.

Bergen to Oslo Train

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A new video, showing a train journey from Bergen to Oslo, Norway, that British Airways is using as calming entertainment aboard longer flights.

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One of my best friends went on a trip to Paris, France, and took some wonderful shots, such as these photos of doors around the city.