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Survive Holiday with Partner Infographic

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A holiday with a partner sounds great, but it may be trouble and lots of arguing if you don't do it correctly; this infographic will help.
Smok Wawelski

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This week's photos feature Smok Wawelski, the statue of the famous dragon of Wawel Hill and Castle in Kraków, Poland.
Japanese L0 maglev train

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A recap of some relevant travel news headlines and stories from the week of October 19 - 25, 2014.
Nanjing Road Shanghai

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Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world, with countless things to do and try; here are some for those of you visiting on a budget.
Shanghai Pudong

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Shanghai is China's largest city, known as the "Pearl of the Orient." Here is a brief introduction to this vibrant and bustling city.
Beijing Hutong

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Beijing is not only China's capital, but also one of its great cities. Here are some essential experiences for your first time visiting.
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