Photo taken from the Hudson River just about two hours before midnight of September 11, 2011.

These are photos taken on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks in my hometown, New York City. A decade later, progress is finally visible in the form of replacement structures that will try to fill the void left by the previous World Trade Center and the lives lost.

See more pictures below:

News crews waiting to document the memorial service.

More news crews in place, waiting more than 12 hours for the next day’s event.
A plaque dedicated to the staff of this school near Ground Zero, for their efforts on 9/11.

Ribbons, like this one that says “Remember to Love”, were tied all over the fence at St. Pauls.

View from the World Financial Center, across West St.
Another WTC building under construction to the south of the site.


    • Lina/Dianis, Thanks for commenting on my blog! It is an extraordinary building, and the way the red, white, and blue light up on the unfinished frame remind me of the Torre Colpatria in Bogota, no?

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