On the morning of my last day of this Great 2012 Mileage Run, February 6, 2012, I woke up before the sun did, around 5:00 am. I had a flight out at 8:00 am from Amsterdam Schiphol to Paris Charles de Gaulle, and my airport hotel shuttle was scheduled to take me at 6 o’clock sharp.

I couldn’t sleep all night,  because, though it was my fifth day in this other time zone, I guess I still hadn’t fully gotten used to it yet; back in New York City time (6 hours behind), this airport shuttle I am taking would be leaving at midnight. Also, it was still Saturday night back in New York, a time which I normally stay out late.

So, I took a quick shower and packed all my belongings. I am a big procrastinator and I tend to do everything at the last minute, especially packing. Another one of my quirks is that I have a bit of OCD; I checked the room in segments, making sure each was clear before moving to the next, similar to how police officers storming an apartment would (at least that’s how Hollywood portrays it). While I was cleaning my room, I made a cup of coffee in the mini-coffeemaker, but the instant packet did not have sufficient caffeine, and I had a bit of a headache when I finally made it to Schiphol.

This was my third time in a few days that I was walking through Schiphol, but I wasn’t any closer to figuring that place out. They advertise the airport as something akin to a city, and they really aren’t lying; Schiphol is complex and busy at all times. The signs overhead directing (walking) travelers to their gates have estimated times on them, because it takes that long to get there. And these signs don’t say “3-5 minutes to terminal A,” they say things like “15-19 minutes to terminal H!” That’s quite some distance.

Finally, it came time to board. I was able to board in zone 1, thanks to my newly-acquired elite status. As I sat down, I noticed that about 90% of the people boarding this flight seemed to be businessmen, all en route to Paris for some sort of meeting. I know that Paris is at the front of the pack when it comes to fashion, but these men, in their well-tailored suits, made me look like a complete outcast. Oh well.

The trip was relatively uneventful. The estimated time of 1 hour and 25 minutes ended up being only a few minutes over an hour. We touched down at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport at around 9:05am, and I deplaned. I would have about 10 hours to wander around Paris, a perfect little day to see some sights and eat a French cafe!

2/6/12 – Amsterdam to Paris

  • 398 km (247 miles).
  • KLM Flight 1229 AMS (8:00am) to CDG (9:25am).
  • A perfect, day-long layover: 10 hours to grab breakfast, lunch, take some photos, etc.


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