CDG Terminal 2E, taken by Christoph Mendt.

So, it was about time for my 6th and final leg of my Great 2012 Mileage Run. I’d had a great time visiting various cities in Europe, as well as Montreal. I spent several hours on February 6th wandering around the streets of Paris, to make the most out of my 10 hour layover. I had requested it, instead of immediately transferring to a plane to JFK, because, I figured, why not grab some grub at a nice French cafe and take some photos if I was going to stop there?

On my way back to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, I took the metro from the Saint-Germain-des-Prés station and went a few stops to the Gare de Châtelet – Les Halles station where I could transfer to the RER B train that would take me to CDG. I had purchased the Paris Visite pass for just under €20, and it gave me unlimited rides on the trains and metro lines serving the city and airport. I got back to Charles de Gaulle with a few hours before my flight, as I got tired of schlepping my carry-on luggage and my backpack all through Paris’ cobblestone streets; I also had some emails to catch up on, something that I’d been neglecting for the past 5 days.

Once back at the airport, I heard announcements that Air France employees were striking, and that many flights were cancelled. My anxiety peaked, as I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get home for work the next day. It seems that the pilots, cabin crews, and ground employees were striking over, get this, the lack of the ability to strike! There had been some legislation that had passed requiring airline staff to give 48 hour notice before walking off the job; I was dumbfounded at the scenario. After calming down, I took out my computer and started getting some work done. Before long, initial boarding was called for my gate, and I was going to get back to New York after all!

I boarded the plane and settled in, and sometime soon after the plane took off, I was fast asleep. I woke up in time for the snack and dinner, but I ended up sleeping about 6 hours out of the 8 hour flight. Though my plane departed France at 7pm, I got back to NYC right around 9pm, as I gained 6 hours flying west.

When I got to JFK, I was prepared to wait in our notoriously-crowded customs lines, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was one of the first to go through. The agent stamped my passport and said to me, “Welcome home.”

Welcome home, indeed!

2/6/12 – Paris to New York

  • 5829 km (3622 miles).
  • Air France Flight 8 CDG (7:10PM) to JFK (9:20PM).
  • Gained my 6 hours back as I head west back to NYC.
  • 8-hour flight, slept for 6 of it; woke up only when the food came around!