It’s been two months since I returned home to New York City from my last trip, which took me to Montreal, Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Paris. I hate going this long without traveling, even though I never get tired of my city. And lately, I’ve found that my lack of traveling has been directly related to my lack of inspiration in writing.

For the last two weeks, I’ve found myself to be struggling more and more as I try to come up with something to write for this site. I have been sucked in to that vicious cycle where I self-perpetuate my own writer’s block. You know how when you know you have to wake up early the next morning and you tell yourself that you need to go to sleep, but you realize that telling yourself to go to sleep is keeping you up? Yeah, kinda like that.

The fact is, I need inspiration to write. Not only would another jaunt to some other country provide me with all sorts of new writing material, but it also just resets my mind, allowing me to get back into writing in my clearest form. And traveling doesn’t only provide me with inspiration for writing about travel. Something about the journey inspires me in all my projects. I have a health/lifestyle/fitness blog with two of my best friends, and I find a smooth flow in that unrelated website when I return, also.

Traveling is my passion; it is what I want to do, and what I’ve known I’ve wanted to do with my life for my entire life, from as far back as I can remember. It only makes sense that this important pastime alleviates my mind of the cobwebs.

I’ve sometimes had the opposite true, where after I return from a trip it takes a while to get back into the swing of things. But I can’t blame that on travel, as this is the case usually upon returning from any hiatus back to work.

Even if traveling and experiencing new places, peoples, and cuisines aren’t at the top of your list, it can still help you to clear your mind and reset your thoughts. As a social creature, we humans need to sometimes break the monotony that is our daily lives, and how better to do so than to leave the area where your life is lived? This is why we have vacations, and why they are important, but we don’t necessarily need to take that relaxing-by-the-pool, gambling, drinking, beach-watching trip that has become synonymous with vacations. Rather, even an active itinerary to a nearby destination can help you to gather your thoughts, and hopefully you will come back with a clean slate.