This is a photo I took while in Warsaw’s Old Town Market Place on a recent mileage run to Poland. This is the center and the heart of the Old Town district in Poland’s capital city.

Each of the square’s four sides has a name:

  • Dekert’s Side (Strona Dekerta), the north side (numbers, 28–42), named after Jan Dekert, houses the Warsaw Historical Museum.
  • Barss’ Side (Strona Barssa), the east side (numbers, 2–26), with the Mickiewicz Museum honors the 19th-century Polish poet.
  • Kołłątaj’s Side (Strona Hugo Kołłątaja), the west side (numbers, 15–31).
  • Zakrzewski’s Side (Strona Zakrzewskiego), the south side (numbers, 1–13).

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