Crumbling Building in Praga
*Click on the photo for its full-sized beauty!

I posted this photo within an album from a previous post on the contrasts between old and new in Praga District, Warsaw, Poland, but I loved this specific photo so much that I had to use it again as the weekly photo. My good friend/sister from another mister Sonia, a.k.a. Wendy from Where Wendy Wanders, took these amazing photos for her thesis project for her university. She is a resident of Praga district, a borough of the city of Warsaw, Poland east of the Vistula River. It is divided into Praga Północ (Praga North) and Praga Południe (Praga South). The area has seen more than its fair share of rough times, and the buildings flaunt their age. Sonia’s thesis involved showing the crumbling ruins of buildings (the old) and the newly-established residences (the new), sometimes right next door.

Dziękuję bardzo, Wendy!

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