Arnisee Region, Switzerland
View from Arni to Chli Windgällen (2986m, in front) and the Groß Windgällen (3188m, behind) in the Canton of Uri, Switzerland. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Simon Koopmann.

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This photo is of the beautiful Arnisee region in the Canton of Uri, in Switzerland; this region lies in the Glarus Alps range, overlooking the Reuss valley. In the front of the photo are some beautiful and traditional Swiss homes located on the mountain called Chli Windgällen of the Glarus Alps, while in the back is the one called Groß Windgällen, of the same mountain range.

Uri is one of the 26 cantons (states) of Switzerland where German is the primary language, but the only one where children are required to learn Italian in schools. It is quite a rural state, only having slightly over 35,000 inhabitants (2012). Agriculture is the largest contributor to the economy here, but tourism is a close second.