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This is a new segment that I’m going to (hopefully) put out each week on Saturdays. Saturdays are usually fairly dead, both for bloggers and their readers, so I plan to write a brief summary of the past week’s travel news headlines and stories. Here are some of the relevant stories from the week of August 12th through August 18th, 2012:

  • Air France: Out of gas? Ask passengers to pitch in An Air France flight from Paris to Beirut stopped in Damascus because of clashes near the airport in Lebanon. But because the carrier no longer flies to the city and had no way of paying for fuel, it asked its passengers to check their belongings to see if they could perhaps cover the cost. Nobody had to pitch in after all, but the French foreign minister became annoyed because France, which is opposed to the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, recalled its ambassador and has cut diplomatic ties to the country. (AP via USA Today)
  • Denver obtains Mexican low-cost carrier Volaris – Mexican low-cost carrier Volaris has just become the latest international airline addition to the offerings at Denver International Airport. (USA Today)
  • 15 largest domestic airlines set records for on-time performance – The 15 largest domestic airlines have set records for on-time performance, fewest long tarmac delays, and the lowest rates of canceled flights and mishandled baggage during the first six months of 2012. (NYT In Transit)
  • American Airlines to stop flying to Brussels, Belgium – American Airlines has decided that it will stop flying to Brussels by the end of 2012. The only airport which currently seves American Airlines’ flights from the United States to Brussels is currently JFK in New York City; this service is slated to end by Nov. 6, 2012. (USA Today)
  • Aeroflot flight NYC-Moscow diverts on bomb threat – An Aeroflot flight carrying 256 people from New York City to Moscow made a landing in Iceland, at Reykjavík’s Keflavik International Airport on Thursday following a report that a bomb may be on board. No explosives were found after a thorough search. (USA Today)

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