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Introduction is a fairly new website (early 2012, I think) that aims to surprise the searcher and inspire travel at the same time. Its minimalistic approach to search options simply allow a user to enter their departure city and desired date of travel, which have flexibility options below that can be checked. Search is only available for the upcoming two months, promoting their spontaneous approach to booking. Destination results are few, but surprising.

Book on Site?

If you happen to see a deal that interests you, you can click the selected flight (if you want a return ticket, click on the “Take Me Home Too!” button) , then press the “Thanks, Book!” button, which opens up a new


Though this site aims to bring you the cheapest deals to particular destinations from a specific supported city, the engine should still be in Beta mode, as the airfares found are among the most expensive available. See the example below for more details.

Date Search –

You can enter a date in the initial search box (one of two boxes you can fill in), and below there are two check boxes: “I want to see the whole month” and “I want 3 days flexibility in results.”

Airline/Alliance Search –

Not Available (Yet?)

Nearby Airports –

Not Available (Yet?)

Notable Features

Great idea to surprise you with a random city suggestion; not much else.

Customer Service

Nonexistent. There is a link, however, to leave feedback.


Rewards should be able to be earned towards a frequent traveler account, as Drungli forwards users to booking engines of the airlines, usually.

Test Run

I did a test run of to see this new idea in action. The main page is fairly quick to load and easy on the eyes. There are not many features, however, which may dissuade many people intent on finding the best deal. So, I start at the home page, which looks like this:

I type in “New York City” and “October (2012)” for the month, and I check the first box, “I want to see the whole month.” The search results appear in no time flat, which immediately makes me skeptical as to how thorough the search was. I have these results:

435 EUR is not bad at all for a trip from New York City to Düsseldorf; it comes out to about $550 (USD). But then I see the tiny little button on the right:

“Take me home too!” it says. WTF?!? And the cheapest ticket to get me back home? 496 EUR! This trip comes out to a grand total of 930 EUR, which is $1166 (USD)! Not a bargain at all. That happened to be with Air Berlin, flying from Oct 6, 2012 to Oct 12, and if you click all the way through as if you were to book it, it takes you to the Air Berlin website where you can complete your reservation.

I decided to look around. I went to Kayak, which is always where I go first to establish my baseline. I searched the exact dates, the 6th through the 12th of October, just to see what other options I had for that day. Here’s what I got:

Kayak found a Delta ticket round trip for $660, only about $100 more than Drungli’s one-way. Then, just for kicks, I decided to use Kayak’s filters to only view flights by Air Berlin:

Air Berlin was only $730, and that was also round trip.


Pros: I can’t think of anything yet.

Cons: Needs a whole lot of work. The site functions well, but it needs to integrate with more fare systems to really find the best price. Also, city pairs are limited; I was lucky that I live in New York City, but others may be less fortunate. Lack of search features.


Drungli has a somewhat-unique idea about the approach to searching for spontaneous airfare, but it should not have been released yet. Until it can match the prices of its most mainstream competitors, it will have a tough time staying in business. However, I would personally continue to use Drungli, though not for its promises of lower airfare; instead, I would use it to find a random destination that might be on sale, but then, with that information in hand, I would continue on to the more trusted travel search engines.

Drungli HQ

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Budapest, 1078, HUN


  1. Thanks for the review Christian,
    but unfortunately we don’t cover yet the US.
    For the time being we cover Europe very well. The flights you found from the US are because one of the companies on our Database has some long haul flights to the US.
    That’s also the reason we haven’t advertised it yet in your country.
    We’ll be able to cover the States by the end of the year.
    Till then you can follow our updates on our FB page:

    • Dantes, thanks so much for your response! I realize that you are a new company, and that your services in the United States might be less than what you can offer currently in Europe, which is why I listed in the title as “BETA.” I planned on coming back to your site in perhaps 6 months or so to see any progress that you’ve made. I wish you the best of luck on your site!

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