Hohenzollernbrucke Cologne
The Hohenzollern Bridge with the Cologne Cathedral in the distance. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Thomas Wolf (Der Wolf im Wald).

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The Hohenzollernbrücke, or the Hohenzollern Bridge, is a bridge crossing the Rhine river in the city of Köln (Cologne), Germany, the fourth most-populated city in the country. It is the most heavily-used rail bridge in Germany, as it connects Köln with other major cities across the Rhine. On each side of the river, the Köln Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) and Köln Messe/Deutz station are connected via the bridge. It currently has traffic of over 1,200 trains per day, and is quite important to the city for this reason. It is 409.19 meters (1,342.5 ft) in length.