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Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week:

  •  All Nippon Airways can’t get enough of the Dreamliner – Japanese airline ANA, the first to receive Boeing’s latest plane, is requesting 11 more. The plane is made mostly of composite materials, making it quite fuel-efficient. (USA Today)
  • TSA’s “Precheck” program expanding further – The Transportation Security Administration’s “Precheck” program is rapidly expanding. After just adding Newark Liberty International and Philadelphia International, next week will see Washington Dulles International with dedicated precheck lanes. The program allows passengers to keep their shoes and belts on through security, cutting times for some up to 250%. The TSA hopes to have 35 airports with precheck by the end of 2012. (Federal Times)
  • Flights between China and Japan impacted over island feud – Airlines from both China and Japan have cut and/or delayed flights between the two as arguments continue over a disputed group of uninhabited islands. (Reuters)
  • Which new smartphones are best for global travel – Surprisingly, the new iPhone 5 doesn’t rank as high as some others. (BBC)

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