traveler wordsI came across these terms, and realized that I want to be associated with them, and so I figured I’d put them in a post so that other travelers could become familiar with them also. For more travel-related terms and phrases, check out the Dauntless Jaunter Glossary page.

Cosmopolitan – To be cosmopolitan is to feel comfortable anywhere around the world, or with people and cultures from anywhere around the world.

Xenophilia – An attraction to foreign peoples, foreign cultures, and/or customs.

Allophilia – To go along with xenophilia is allophilia, which is to have a positive attitude for a group that is not one’s own.

Catholic – To be catholic is to be free from prejudice, embracing everything without bias.

Urbane – This word can sometimes have more of a pretentious connotation, but an urbane traveler is a well-traveled one, one who has been to enough cities to understand the customs of city life; urbane travelers are sophisticated and civilized due to their travels.

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