11. Hobbit House, Manila, Philippines

Though everything about this place may strike you as politically-incorrect, the waitstaff here seem to be perpetually upbeat. The owner was so inspired by the Lord of the Rings and thus created this place. Over 150 beers are available.

1212 Arquiza Trade Center, M.h. del Pilar St.Corner Arquiza, Ermita, (+632) 521-76-04, http://www.hobbithousemanila.com

12. Fortezza Medicea Jail Restaurant, Pisa, Italy

At an Italian prison in 2006, officials began operating a restaurant within the prison as a kind of social experiment and rehabilitation tool, using inmates as staff. The project was successful, and now attracts clients from all over the world. There are many inconveniences to dining in the Fortezza, reservations require a thorough background check and the OK from Italy’s Department of Justice, and all cutlery is plastic.

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant, via del Castello, Volterra; +39 058 886 099

13. NG Meat Bar, Tel Aviv, Israel

They’re website labels themselves as a “romantic place to eat”, but the scene can get downright barbaric. Their famous “Barbarian Meal” is served without cutlery or plates, and the guests are sitting around a large table and feasting on large chunks of meat with their bare hands.

6th Ehad Ha’am St., Neve Tsedek, +972 3 516 7888; www.ngrestaurant.co.il

14. Pyongyang (Chain), Multiple Locations

Pyongyang is a restaurant actually commissioned and operated by the North Korean government. It aims to bring a taste of North Korea to the outside world, one of the rare glimpses that an outsider may get of this secretive regime. Menu items include barbecued cuttlefish and dog meat soup. Royalties are paid back to the North Korean government, and the staff is comprehensively screened for loyalty to their government.

15. Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, USA

Recently winning a Guinness World Record for the most caloric burger (1.444kg/3lb 2.94oz Quadruple Bypass Burger has 9,982 calories!), the Heart Attack Grill doesn’t hold back. Fries are proudly cooked in pure lard, and burgers are served with bacon and doubled, trippled, and quadrupled.

450 Fremont St., Las Vegas; www.heartattackgrill.com

16. Hajime Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

Dancing robots as waitstaff!

17. Lainio Snow Village Ice Bar, Ylläsjärvi, Finland

Located in Western part of Finnish Lapland, the Lainio Snow Village’s Ice Bar is decorated entirely of ice and snow. In the ice restaurant you can choose your dinner from an á la carte menu.

18. Alcatraz E.R., Tokyo, Japan

This restaurant is supposed to resemble a prison hospital, and menu items include intestines and penis, both made from sausages, and other horrifically wonderful treats. The nurse waitstaff handcuff you, pretend to inject a giant syringe into your ass, and then lock you in a cell.

2F Harvest Bldg, 2-13-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku; +81 3 3770 7100

19. Muru Pop Down, Tytyri Mine, Lohja, Finland

Opposite of a pop-up space, the creators of Muru call this a “pop down”, because they took over a mine and quickly assembled a restaurant there. Menu items look quite appealing.

20. The Exchange Bar & Grill, New York City, USA

The Exchange Bar & Grill is set up to look like a stock exchange trading floor. Prices of drinks fluctuate with supply and demand.

256 3rd Avenue, (646) 596-9039, Exchange Bar and Grill

21. Kinderkookkafé, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Children 2 through 12 can construct their own meals, and then wait in the play area until their creation is out of the oven.  They are then called to the kitchen to deliver it to the table for the older guests.

22. ‘s Baggers, Nuremberg, Germany

At ‘S Baggers, there are no waiters. Instead “all good things come from above: freshly prepared, delicious meals and drinks ordered per touch screen are transported on metallic tracks directly to your table.” Gravity-fed tracks carry your order down from the kitchen directly to your table.

Am Steinacher Kreuz 28, D-90427 Nuremberg, +49 (0) 911 / 477 90 9

23. Special Enjoyment, Chongqing, China

An A-380-themed restaurant in China, guests are secluded in their own private booths designed to resemble the jet engines of the giant aircraft.

24. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, Warkworth, New Zealand

Located 45 minutes from Auckland, the pod-shaped restaurant is situated 10 meters up in a Redwood tree. Access to the pod is by an elevated walkway that winds its way up and is attached to adjacent trees.

25. Disaster Café, Lloret de Mar, Spain

How weird would it be if you were eating dinner and then a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck during the meal? That’s what happens at the Disaster Cafe all the time. The underground, cave-like restaurant has times when the lights go out and then the whole place starts to shake, and guests must try to keep their balance and their drinks from being spilled.

26. Restophone, Montpellier, France

This adult restaurant has telephones on every table and all other places in the bar and on the dance floor. Guests can call people they find attractive at other tables, using the concept to break the ice.

27. Kagaya, Tokyo, Japan

Simply a weird restaurant, the restaurant’s owner is constantly donning new outfits, playing with puppets, singing, and so much more that it is hard to describe. Labeled by many as the wackiest restaurant in Tokyo, and that says a lot.

28. Dr. Fish Cafe, Seoul, South Korea

At this little coffee shop, your feet go into a little tub filled with tiny fish which nibble at the dead skin on your soles as you sip your coffee.

29. Imperial Herbal Restaurant, Singapore

Here, the waitress will feel your pulse and take your temperature, and then prescribe you your meal.

30. Cabbages & Condoms, Bangkok, Thailand

This restaurant is the only one that has food that “is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”. Menu items include things such as the ‘Spicy Condom Salad’. The restaurant benefits the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), a non-governmental organization with the aim to complement the efforts of the Royal Thai Government in promoting family planning in Thailand.

98 Moo 6, Phya Yen Sub-district, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30320, 0-3622-7065, website

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  1. Some of the listed establishments are closed long ago.(Ethernity,etc Nyotaimori is a gimmick, not a name of the restaurant, and there is no such restaurant in Japan:))

    There is an original directory of the World’s Most Unusual Restaurants –

    unusual-restaurants .com

    continuously updated since 2005, with Google map

    • Anton, thanks for the info! I believe that the Eternity restaurant in Ukraine is still open, as I have seen an article on CNN as recent as May, 2012. As for Nyotaimori, I know that it isn’t a restaurant, but I wanted to put the word in there, since there is not one restaurant that could best demonstrate this food fetish. However, thanks for the link and the comment!

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