is a new website that aims to give those seeking to book a flight the tools necessary to discern over which flights better suit them. Similar to how SeatGuru tells you which seats to jump for and which seats to steer clear of on almost every kind of plane from almost every airline, Routehappy wants to do the same, with the entire flying experience.

First, they compare amenities by flight: aircraft quality, seat types, entertainment types, plug sockets, Wi-Fi, etc. These factor greatly into their rating system, which are visually-aided with numerous colored icons, depicting   good and bad, basically. Also, customers are allowed to rate flights that they’ve taken, down to the specific flight number, and this gets combined with the amenity availability to come up with their “Happiness” factor. The “Happiness” rating is based on an algorithm that ranks seat comfort, entertainment options, quality of plane, availability of in-seat power and Wi-Fi, and overall flyer ratings of the airline.

Finally, their ratings include the flight’s on-time percentage, which is the average time of arrival within 30 minutes of schedule, by departure time band; higher % equals better on-time performance.

because all flights are not created equal

As you can see from the screenshot above, blue shows healthy options (roomier seats, LiveTV, etc.) while red shows something is lacking. For the above screenshot example, I had just queried for RH to show me all flights from NYC to SFO. In the snippet above (it returned dozens of results), even the two United flights are not the same. The one rated with more stars leaves out of JFK Airport, rather than Newark Liberty, and the seats are deemed roomier. In addition, it is rated better for having electrical outlets and WiFi, though the on-time percentage is slightly lower.

Sharing a television screen with others gets lower points, such as an overhead t.v. Sometimes, the plane model may even be subject to a different-than-standard rating, depending on it’s gas efficiency. Though most booking tools show WiFi and Video availability, on-time performance, etc., many airlines like Southwest haven’t integrated this information to their booking tools, so Routehappy is the only place you can find direct amenity information for any exact flight your flying, every time.

Updated 11:25 amFrom Routehappy:We’re closing the gap between price and product by giving flyers the opportunity to optimize their experience while offering the airline industry a single platform to showcase their differentiators. Routehappy offers a non-biased forum for airlines like AA and OpenSky to promote their tablet entertainment option for flyers, or Korean Airlines to promote their new business class Vodka bar.

Currently, RH has this site, which is still in Beta mode, and an iPhone application. Currently, It covers routes to and from 223 countries and 3,561 airports, on about 700 airlines.

The Pros:

  • Neat interface, with all the major points clearly visible.
  • Pioneer in showing aircraft’s fuel efficiency.
  • Keeps travelers better-informed, one extra tool to ensure a comfortable passage.
  • Routehappy shows seat comfort and cabin type (Economy, Prem Econ+, Biz or Better and Best Premium) so you’ll know how ‘roomy’ or ‘tight’ you seat is in Economy class and can compare what type of recliner, angle flat, full flat or suite airlines offer in you have in Business or First class.

The Cons:

  • Does not show which rows do/don’t have electrical outlet, so back to SeatGuru for that!
  • No fare information; you must try to match your flight from booking engine to the same flight number on RH – can be a hassle.
This site has only been out since March, and I believe these guys are on the right track. I look forward to see the evolution and improvements that Routehappy will bring to the table!

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