Si-o-se Pol Bridge in Isfahan, Iran
Si-o-se Pol Bridge in Isfahan, Iran. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Reza Haji-pour رضا حاجی‌پور.

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Si-o-se Pol (translating to 33 Bridges or Bridge of 33 Arches in English), also called the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge/Allaverdikhan Bridge, is located in Isfahan, Iran’s third-largest city. Consisting of 33 arches, it runs over the Zayandeh River. People are able to walk on several levels, based on the height of the water. It also serves as a dam, regulating the flow of the river.

It is considered to be on of the best examples of bridge design utilizing Safavid art, which is artwork from the Persian Safavid Dynasty.