Cappadocia (5)

Cappadocia, also known as Kapadokya in Turkish, is a region in Anatolia in central Turkey famous for its weirdly-shaped hills, underground villages, and buildings carved right into the rocks. It is a breathtaking place to behold. There are many small towns and cities in the Cappadocian region, namely Ortahisar, Göreme, Avanos, and Cavusin. There are numerous hidden “cities” built in the area that are underground from centuries ago when Christians were fleeing persecution.

Cappadocia is one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations outside of the large cities of Istanbul and Ankara.

I “stole” these photos from one of my best friends, Bob, who allowed me to use it in this post. Bob Leathers is a great photographer who constantly blows my socks off with his random shots, and he has some quite refined tastes in music. Check out his music project’s home page here: The Wandering Musicphile.