The last day of my Great Northern Italy Adventure with my best friends was here (or so I thought). Paolo, Allie, Joseph and I had spent a wonderful day and a half in Udine, having a reunion with some other old friends and making some new ones along the way.

On the 30th of December, 2012, the four of us woke up and showered. We decided that we were going to spend the day in Trieste, a beautiful city and just about the easternmost of cities in Italy. Allie had went to university there, so she knew it inside and out.

We loaded up the car and took off. It was supposed to be a solid hour-long drive, which was normally fun with these guys; unfortunately, we’d been together 24/7, and with little sleep, so the cranky effects were starting to become palpable. I know that I was getting cranky and irritated at the pettiest things, but we got over it soon enough. Traveling with friends is great, as long as you can manage yourself.

When Allie used to go to the Universita di Trieste, she and her friends would drive 15 minutes away, crossing the border into Slovenia, to drink, purchase gas, or buy cigarettes. Slovenian prices are much cheaper than the prices of their counterparts in Italy, sometimes less than half the price, so it was quite economical to do so. We needed to fill up, so we drove past Trieste first and into Slovenia to buy gasoline; I bought cigarettes while we were at it, and then we were off again, back to Trieste.

The route we took coming into Trieste allowed us to stop at a vista point first which overlooked the entire city and the Gulf of Trieste in the Adriatic Sea beyond.

After several photos and a making a quick video postcard to one of our friends back home in New York, it was time to go down and explore. We parked the car nearby, at the top of that hill, and walked down. Since I was scheduled to take a train to Venice from Trieste later that evening to start my return journey back to New York, I was forced to schlep my bag all over the place.

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