The TSA has made changes to their Prohibited Items List (PIL). From
The TSA has made changes to their Prohibited
Items List (PIL). From

The United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has eased some restrictions on prohibited items for carry-on allowance.

As of April 25, 2013, the restrictions on certain items become more lenient. Many of these items have been banned for carry-on accompaniment after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Below is a breakdown of the key points announced by TSA Administrator John Pistole today at an industry meeting in New York:

  • Small pocketknives, with blades that are 2.36 inches (6 cm) or shorter and less than a 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) wide will be permitted on U.S. flights, providing that the blade is not fixed and/or lock into place and the handle does not have a molded grip. Box cutters and razor blades are still restricted.
  • “Sports sticks,” including ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs, and pool cues, will be allowed as carry-on luggage. Some of these items are limited to a quantity of 2 per person.
  • “Novelty” baseball bats will now be allowed. Bats must be either 24 inches or shorter in length or weigh 24 ounces or less.

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