There’s a neat little web application that has been out for a while now, called simply “WHERE THE FUCK SHOULD I GO FOR DRINKS?” (yes, all caps). Created by British creative consultancy coolography, the website gets right to the point. It is inspired by the similar What The Fuck Should I Make for Dinner? which gives users suggestions on recipes.

Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks 1

When you first load the home page, your browser may ask you to share your location with the site. Otherwise, you can input your zip code or address. Press the aptly-named button below, and the next page will show you a nearby location.

Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks 2

The location is random, and if you go back to the site, chances are a different location will come up. The first button below, “My Location is Fucking Wrong,” lets you change the default starting location, to search a different area perhaps. The second button (the middle one), “No, That Place Looks Like Shit,” spins the wheel again and gives you the next random selection. The third button, “Actually, I’m Fucking Hungry” takes you to it’s twin-sister site, “Where the Fuck Should I Go To Eat?”

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t get mad at the selections that the site comes back with. Though it is fully-functional, it is really more of a novelty item (if you hadn’t guessed).