De Zoeker Windmill

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This photo, taken by user “Murdockcrc” of Wikipedia Commons, shows the De Zoeker (“the Seeker”) Windmill located in the Zaandam neighborhood of Zaanse Schans, in the province of North Holland. Zaanse Schans is a popular tourist draw, thanks to its windmills, built in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Built in 1672, De Zoeker was made to press linseed and rapeseed into vegetable oil, and is the only oil mill in the area still; actually, it is also, according to the Dutch reference site, the last daily-working windmill in the world.

Below is an oil painting done of a windmill by the French impressionist painter Claude Monet, titled A Windmill at Zaandam.

Windmill at Zaandam Claude Monet