Prague Best of the Worst (4)

Nowadays, in the travel industry, there seems to be a niche for everything. Just a few posts ago, I mentioned a new cruise ship that will cater specifically to action and adventure junkies, with facilities such as a skydiving simulator on board. And just like there are all sorts of crazy specialties that cater to specific people, there are tours all over the world that take their guests on niche adventures. And now for one that sounds slightly more unique than most: Corrupt Tour.

Actually, Corrupt Tour has been around for over a year now, since February, 2012, but they have been really finding their way. Located in the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague, Petr Sourek left his gig as a professional translator to found this tour company that shows locals and visitors alike just how rampant corruption is in his home city. As he told me in an email, “typically, corruptions feeds on business. I wanted to reverse this. Corrupt Tour Agency is a business that feeds on corruption. Corruption is the raw material of our tours. One may entertain the idea of corruption running out as fast as gas and oil. We do not! We are proud of making money from corruption – for a long time underestimated and certainly renewable natural resource!”

Prague is a city that may be known to tourists as home to baroque architecture and history, but the locals have come to know Prague as a hotbed for immorality, crime, bribery, and other sorts of corruption. Marianske Square, where the City Hall sits, is not-so-lovingly referred to as Mafianske Square by the locals. As the Wall Street Journal put it, “CorruptTour seems unlikely to run out of material soon, in a country where the scandals often veer into soap-opera territory.”

*Images above are from the Prague Crony Safari Tour, courtesy of Corrupt Tour.

Currently, Corrupt Tour is offering three different tours:

The Prague Crony Safari – This safari aims to splash some humor on the mass corruption that takes place in this capital city. Guests on this tour will visit “the habitats” of many convicted criminals “out in the wild” (where they currently live). As Corrupt Tour delightfully put it, the Crony Safari is “a safari of the habitats of cronies in the wild. Inconspicuous nests to divert unwanted attention. Ostentatious dens to intimidate the meek. The Safari takes care to keep pristine the natural habitats of these national treasures.” Depending on traffic, this tour goes on for about 2 – 3 hours and costs 30 EUR/ person.

Hospital on the Edge of the Law – Though Prague has become known for its corruption in all sorts of areas, from governmental to mafia-related strong-arming, this tour explores the niche within a niche – hospital-related cronyism and immorality. As per Corrupt Tour: “A completely new kind of soap opera! Three Prague hospitals notorious for graft and sleaze, three episodes of a never-ending story, three new types of heroes who help the archetypal characters from soaps to  navigate the labyrinth of bureaucracy.” Price and estimated duration is the same, 2 – 3 hours (depending on traffic) and costs 30 EUR/ person.

The Prague Best of the Worst – This tour is more of an overview into all the different kinds of corruption that plagues Prague. As per Corrupt Tour: “The Prague Monuments of Corruption deserve World Heritage Status. We show you really the best of the worst. You’ll be amazed how well the Prague corruption monuments are preserved. More recently, some monuments of corruption we have been visiting for a year suffered slight damage. Corrupt Tour can’t be held responsible for their destruction. Police, state attorneys and NGOs are responsible for this vandalism. Corrupt Tour hopes responsible politicians step in and protect corruption heritage for the future. Corruption is mankind’s heritage after all.” Duration is  2 – 3 hours (depending on traffic) and costs 27 EUR/ person.

*Images above are from the Prague Best of the Worst Tour, courtesy of Corrupt Tour.

Please check out their website to learn more about these unique offerings.