Gardens at Monserrate Bogota (1)

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Monserrate is a tall mountain that rises over the downtown of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. The mountain is a popular tourist attraction, as it is about 3,152 m (10,341 ft) tall, offering visitors a beautiful view of the city below. Monserrate also serves as a pilgrimage site, as there is a church and the statue of “El Señor Caido” at the top, a rendering of Jesus that can be seen from the city below.

At the top, visitors are rewarded not only with views of the city below, but beautiful gardens throughout. Below are a few more:

Gardens at Monserrate Bogota (2) Gardens at Monserrate Bogota (3) Gardens at Monserrate Bogota (4)


    • Thanks for stopping by, Sam, and thanks for the compliments! I’ve followed your blog for some time now myself, and it’s an honor for you to drop by here :) Colombia is quite beautiful, and I hope that soon the misguided sense of safety concerns will be banished from our memories of this country, and that people will be able to visit without any prejudice. Take care, Sam!

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