Some interesting things to know about Prague:

1) The Wenceslas Square and streets around it close from around 9AM to late at night, making it possible to walk around the Town Square and adjacent streets with ease.

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2) If need to change money to Czech Crowns look for 0% commission exchange which are mostly located in the center of the city, as for hotels, most do not change money. Commission can kill your exchange rate.

3) Many public bathrooms are available in the metro stations and underground crosswalks, at a 5 Crowns charge.

Prague (29)4) Although I didn’t mind walking, you can use trolleys and buses for transport around the city, from I remember its 24 Crowns for a 30 minute ride, 32 Crowns for a 90 minute ride, and 110 Crowns for a 24 hour access to the public transportation. These passes can be bought at any “deli” type stores, metro stations or yellow colored automated ticket dispensaries. Public transportation arrives every 3-5 minutes during the day and 5-10 minutes at night, so there should not be a problem hitching a ride across town at any time. It took me 15 minutes to get from Praha 4 to Praha 1 by trolleys.

5) If you’re a fan of trying out different national dishes when traveling, as I am, I suggest ordering “Pork Knee.” Pork Knee is what it states to be, a piece of pork, on skin, marinated in dark beer and prepared in red sauce with consists of tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, etc.

If you are not a fan of pork, you can try out a virtually endless variety of beef steaks, which are equally as good, and will clearly depict Czech culture through your taste buds.

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6) Beer! There are too many to explain each one, and they are all great! From the original pilsner, Pilsner Urquell, to a multitude of lesser-known microbrewery brands, beer is king here. Well what would you expect from the home of the original Budweiser! The king of beers.

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Overall, this is an amazing city. If I could sum it all up in a few words, glorifying architecture and great beer!

If you have any more questions about Prague, feel free to email me at illya.n @

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