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Even though London is one of the safest countries in the world for women travelers, there are certain precautions which you should keep in mind as a women traveler to the city. Below are some of the measures which I think you should adopt while you are in the city as a women traveler:


If you would be traveling to London alone, it would be a good idea to book accommodations in central London as it will keep you close to most of the major tourist destinations resulting in minimum travel. One of my female friends recently visited London alone and booked herself a hotel in central London and was quite pleased with the services. You can book from such hotel websites so that you remain as close to the tourist attractions in the city as possible.

Reaching Hotel:

  • As far as possible, reach hotel during daytime as even Central London might seem deserted in night at times. Once you have checked in, make sure that you are not letting others know that you are alone. If the hotel has vacant rooms available near elevators, then ask for those rooms as staircases are not as safe as elevators.
  • While in the hotel, behave confidently so that others might not have even the slightest hint that you are alone. While on London trip last time, I kept a confident disposition all through my trip and it really helped me a lot. So, you can try this too and see if this works for you.

While Traveling in and Around the City:

  • If you are using public transportation, especially riding through tubes or buses, then keep a route map and timetable with you. If you are waiting for a bus during the night, make sure the area is crowded and well-lit. If that is not the case, book a mini cab or hail a black cab.
  • While traveling through public transport, keep your wallet, mobile and purse out of sight.
  • If you are feeling unsafe while on a bus, look for a seat near the driver.
  • While you are boarding a black taxi, make sure that the taxi is a licensed one. Some of the recent assault cases on women in London took place in unlicensed black cabs. Therefore, keep your wits with you and check the status of the driver.
  • While you are booking a mini cab with a minicab office, check whether female-run cabs are available or not. There are number of mini cabs run by female drivers in the city. If they are available, ask for those cabs.
  • Mini cabs are not allowed to accept a passenger off the street; only black cabs are allowed to do so. Therefore, if a private mini cab is insisting on giving you a discounted ride, do not board that cab.

While Visiting Attractions:

  • While you are visiting famous London attractions like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and so on, keep your valuables in the waist pocket belt. Snuggling them in the backpack will make the work of pickpockets fairly easy.
  • If you are on a walking tour or exploring the city alone, do not feel tempted to take short routes.
  • Never accept a lift from a stranger while you are going in and around the city with your backpack.
  • Lastly, the golden rule which I also recommend as a female traveler – never look deserted and out of tune. Often these act as a catalyst in gaining unwanted attention from others. The more confidence you exude, the better your traveling experience will be.

It is not like you cannot enjoy your time in London while you are alone. All you need is some planning and a little prudence from your part.

Author’s Bio: An experienced traveler, Trisha has visited number of places in the world. She loves sharing her experiences with others through her travel blogs.

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