Air Serbia

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Swiss train crash injures over 40 people – After last week’s horrible train wreck in Spain, two trains collided on Tuesday in Switzerland, in Granges-pres-Marnand in Vaud canton, about 50km (30 miles) southwest of Bern. (BBC)
  • …and then a bus crashed in Italy, killing about 40 people – A bus in Italy did not slow for traffic ahead of it, and plunged down a ravine, killing at least 39 people aboard. (Daily Telegraph)
  • UK will require a 3000£ ($4630) bond from visitors from 6 countries – The United Kingdom will impose a substantial visitor visa fee on tourists from 6 countries, all former colonies that it considers high-risk – Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. (Wash Post [link dead; removed])
  • Heathrow to track passengers throughout airport to cut down delays – London’s Heathrow Airport will introduce a new “smart boarding pass” that will allow it to track customers throughout the airport and help speed up boarding and takeoffs. (Daily Telegraph)
  • New hotel in Majorca becomes first “Twitter Hotel” – Sol Wave House, which opened a year ago on the Magaluf Beach of Majorca, Spain, has launched a virtual community called #SocialWave that guests can use to share pictures and flirt. (
  • Jet Airways sells stake to Etihad – After India relaxed it’s foreign-ownership rules for corporations, Etihad won approval to buy a 24% stake in the floundering Jet Airways. (Skift)
  • CBP plans to add Abu Dhabi airport to “Pre-Clearance” list – Sparking controversy, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is planning to add an Abu Dhabi airport to it’s pre-clearance list, allowing people to take care of customs procedures in Abu Dhabi and skip lines in the United States upon arrival.
  • Air Serbia comes into existence, becoming Serbian flag carrier – Air Serbia was born recently, which is owned by Etihad and the Serbian government, replacing the once-popular JAT Airways. (USA Today)
  • US announces new 5-year visa for Cuban visitors – The United States has approved an updated multiple-entry visa for Cuban tourists to America, up from the 6-month visa in place now. (Miami Herald [link dead; removed])
  • Uruguay Congress debates legalization of marijuana – The government of the South American nation is contemplating the legalization of pot while trying to avoid becoming a drug destination. (Reuters)
  • New US policy now gives same-sex couples same visa rights as others – The United States government, through John Kerry, will treat visa applications for same-sex partners the same as opposite-sex couples. (NY Times)
  • Greenland records its highest-ever temperature – The Danish Meteorological Institute is reporting that on Tuesday temps hit 25.9 C (78.6 F) at a station in Greenland, the highest temperature measured in the Arctic country since they started recording them in 1958. (Wash Post)

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