Stockholm's Old Town Gamla Stan
This is a view of Stockholm’s Gamla Stan from the Katarinahissen. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Oke.

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Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town

The Gamla Stan is the area in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital and largest city, which is the Old Town.

The Gamla Stan is actually comprised primarily of little islands, or islets, the majority of it being the islet of Stadsholmen, along with smaller islands, Riddarholmen, Strömsborg, and Helgeandsholmen.

The cobbled streets are fascinating to walk down, and the Old Town gives a great example of old North German architecture.

Here’s another view:

Stockholm's Old Town Gamla Stan
View of Gamla Stan in Stockholm with the tower of Tyska Kyrkan (the German church). Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Jürgen Howaldt.

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