jetBlue Aircraft. Taken by WIkimedia Commons user Maarten Visser.
jetBlue Aircraft. Taken by WIkimedia Commons user Maarten Visser.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • World’s highest passenger airport opens – China has opened Daocheng Yading Airport in a Tibetan region of southwestern Sichuan province, at 4,411 m (14,472 ft) above sea level; the airport will cut travel time from the provincial capital from two days to just over an hour. (Reuters)
  • jetBlue Airways to begin direct flights to Trinidad – The budget carrier is launching nonstop service from New York City’s JFK airport to Piarco International Airport in Port of Spain, Trinidad, set to begin February 24, 2014. (jetBlue [link dead; removed])
  • Two aircraft had near-miss over Australia – Two Qantas jets had a near collision on Friday, going as close as 721 feet from each other over Adelaide; the minimum safe distance apart is 1,000 feet. (TT)
  • No more “rude” Parisian waiters? – The Paris Tourist Board has launched a new etiquette guide for waitstaff in the city infamous for its not-so-amiable hospitality. (BBC)
  • Wait times at customs lines in US reach record highs – The lines at customs and immigration lines around the country for travelers from abroad have grown to new highs, with many queues over 4 hours. (Fodor’s)

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