"Sleeping Tubes" in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Relaxation Area.
“Sleeping Tubes” in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Relaxation Area.

Helsinki, Finland, now offers weary travelers a place to sleep and relax, and it’s located in none other than their international airport, Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL).

In September, 2013, Finland’s Helsinki Vantaa Airport introduced their new “Relaxation Area” where travelers are able to rest or sleep between flights for free. Designed by Vantaa Innovation Institute to “reflect Finnish culture and elements typical to Finnish nature such as ice and snow,” the uniquely-designed Relaxation Area is located in T2 next to gate 31.

"Silence Chairs" in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Relaxation Area.
“Silence Chairs” in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Relaxation Area.

Passengers can chooses such amenities as “silence chairs” and “sleeping tubes,” the latter resembling something more like a bunk bed. Acoustic walls and ceilings will help dampen the sound of activity in the busy international airport outside.

All elements within this lounge-like environment are free of charge, 24 hours a day, year round. You could possibly even use it to save some money one night or two, rather than booking a room or hostel accommodations elsewhere.

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