jetBlue Aircraft. Taken by WIkimedia Commons user Maarten Visser.
jetBlue Aircraft. Taken by WIkimedia Commons user Maarten Visser.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Japan Airlines places first-ever Airbus order – Airbus announced a $9.5 billion order from Japan Airlines, or JAL, on Monday, the first time the carrier has ordered from the French company, which usually sticks to Boeing. (NY Times)
  • T-Mobile changes the game for international travelers – The cellular giant has announced a game changer – fee-free calls, texts, and data in over 100 countries while roaming. (CNN)
  • jetBlue to now allow families to share & pool points – In another travel industry game changer, the favorite U.S. budget carrier will begin allowing family members and other customers to pool loyalty points. (Huff Po, link now dead)
  • Could the United States have a new, 51st state? – And, no, it’s not Puerto Rico. Resident’s of 11 counties in Colorado are upset at the liberal views of many of their fellow state residents, and in the name of preserving conservative values, will vote in November to secede from Colorado;  it would be called New Colorado, or perhaps North Colorado. (NY Times)
  • Norwegian wants to lead the way on sub-$300 TATL tickets – As better mileage airliners get filtered into fleets around the world, budget carriers are looking to cut down the cost of transatlantic tickets; Norwegian Air Shuttle wants to be one of the first, and they are already offering cheap tickets from New York City to several Scandinavian destinations. (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Aeroflot considers boosting wi-fi, adding calling capabilities – The Russian carrier is looking to meet customer demand by overhauling their onboard wi-fi and potentially adding the ability for customers to make phone calls while in flight. (Moscow News, link now dead)
  • India decides to boosts tourism by expanding visa on arrival countries – India will add 40 more countries to the list of those eligible to obtain Indian visas upon arrival, including the United States, the U.K., Germany, France, Brazil, and Russia. (Times of India)

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