Norwegian Air Shuttle. Taken by Flickr user Aero Icarus.
Norwegian Air Shuttle. Taken by Flickr user Aero Icarus.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Miami gets first access to Middle East via new Qatar route – Qatar Airways will serve Miami International Airport soon, giving the south Florida city direct access to the Middle East for the first time since 2008. (Miami Herald [link dead; removed])
  • Air France-KLM needs Alitalia to make further changes before it can consider deeper partnership – Air France-KLM Group, a Skyteam Alliance partner based in France and which owns 25% of the ailing Italian carrier, needs Alitalia to commit to a greater overhaul before it can consider a fuller partnership. (Bloomberg)
  • Norwegian offers game-changing budget TATL flights – Norwegian Air Shuttle will offer some very competitive transatlantic flights next summer, with fares from New York City to London’s Gatwick Airport beginning around $240. (Guardian)
  • Bhutan gets second airline – Bhutan Airlines has broken the long-standing monopoly of state-owned Drukair to become the second Bhutanese airline. (Skift)
  • Venezuela hunting “currency tourists” – Venezuelan authorities are stepping up their efforts to stop “currency tourism,” which allows some passengers to profit off the government-set exchange rates of bolivars. (Reuters)

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