An outdoor café in London's Covent Garden Market. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user mattbuck.
An outdoor café in London’s Covent Garden Market. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user mattbuck.

London’s West End needs no introduction; a trip to the “Big Smoke” seems as if wouldn’t be complete without stepping foot into some of the many sites and attractions that the West End offers. The vibrant area caters to the higher end tourists, with many fashionable boutiques and restaurants to be found; the West End is also the most expensive place in the world after Tokyo to rent office space.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square is the hub of London’s entertainment, where you can catch movie premiers on virtually any given day of the week. In the same area, tourists can find Ripley’s Believe it or Not! London and several casinos, such as Hippodrome Casino and the Casino at the Empire.

Covent Garden

Once a popular fruit and vegetable market, Covent Garden is now famous as a shopping district, though of a classier variety. Nearby, the London Transport Museum and The Royal Opera House stand, two of London’s most-visited tourist destinations


London’s version of New York City’s Broadway, Theatreland consists of over 40 different theatres, where musicals, plays, comedies, and more are performed.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is not a circus, though it may have you gaping in wonder if it’s your first time. It is actually a street circle (hence its name, from Latin) which connects several different streets and has become its own vibrant area. The London Pavilion and Criterion Theatre are but two of the oft-photographed buildings on the Circus.

If you’re coming to stay in the West End to be near the myriad places that it offers, several hotels offer prime accommodations. You could also try nearby at one of London’s Soho hotels; a great option would be the Grange Holborn Hotel, which features luxury guest bedrooms and convenient access to such attractions as Covent Garden, Theatreland, the Brunswick shopping center and the British Museum.