Taken from blog.Delta.com.
Taken from blog.Delta.com.

Here are some of the relevant travel news headlines and stories from the previous week through today:

  • Dubai’s latest mega-airport finally opens – Al Maktoum International Airport, located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, is expected to become the world’s largest airport upon completion. (CNN)
  • F.A.A. finally eases electronics restrictions – In a long-awaited move by the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration, air travelers will be able to use their electronic devices from taxi to landing, very likely by the end of the year; laptops and other electronics won’t have to be turned off during takeoff and landing, but using cellphones will still be prohibited, and wi-fi will not be turned on inside the cabin until the plane is safely in the air. (NY Times)
  • Must-see places for 2014 – Lonely Planet has released their annual list of the must-visit travel destinations of 2014. (Lonely Planet [link dead; removed])
  • Shooting at LAX shuts down airport – Los Angeles International Airport was shut down after a gunman shot a TSA agent. (LA Times)
  • Europe and Asia finally linked by tunnel – The Marmaray link is a part of $4.5 b, 76 km mega-project launched by the government of Turkey in 2004; this underwater railway tunnel under Istanbul is the deepest of its kind. (CNN)
  • … But there are many problems with it – The first day of the Marmaray project was plagued by problems on its first day, including two people who pressed the emergency button out of curiosity. (Hurriyet)


  1. Pretty stoked about the FAA finally easing up on being such pricks about technology! We sent a man to the moon over 40 years ago…I’m pretty sure coming up with technology to prevent cell phones from screwing up airplanes is achievable!

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